30 useful tips – the most important secrets of beauty tips for girls

Young girls are beautiful simply, their natural beauty is impeccable, and the problems are somewhat exaggerated. However, they have to fight with pimples and worry about the lack of attention from the guys. In doing so, it is necessary to remember the fashion, not forgetting everything else. To make your life easier, we offer 30 tips for girls, how to look beautiful. But before we consider the secrets of beauty for girls, let’s briefly focus on the main thing – self-confidence.

Each of you can master a few makeup techniques, but not everyone knows how to behave after that. Confidence and self-esteem will help to always be on top. Proper self-evaluation will gain confidence. Experiment with your appearance; try something new that has never been done before. Everyone doubts something, but accepting yourself as you are is the key to understanding your own merits and revealing your inner capabilities! Now let’s move on to the advice.

1. Determine the type of skin. For proper skin care, you need to know exactly your type. The following skin types are distinguished: normal, oily, dry and combined. With any of the types of skin can be sensitive. Secrets of beauty for girls will help you determine your type, the easiest way to do it in the morning after a dream. You can use special test strips, parchment paper or a thin paper towel. Apply the napkin to your face and press your hands against the skin. Then remove the napkin and carefully consider the remaining traces on it.
A large amount of fat on this surface speaks of oily skin. The abundance of fat in the forehead, nose and chin area and a small amount in the rest of the zone is about the combined type. A small amount of fat on the surface – the skin is normal and almost complete absence – dry.

2. For sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is characterized by periodic focal reddening and flaking. In these places, itching or tingling can be felt. If you often have such irritations, then, most likely, you have sensitive skin.
Secrets of beauty for girls with sensitive skin recommend not using scrubs with hard particles, alpha-hydroxyl acids and beta-hydroxyl acids. To clean the skin, you can apply a soft cleansing gel or cosmetic cream. After washing, apply a soothing cream for sensitive skin. Well soothe the skin compresses from the decoction of chamomile. Unfortunately, special means for caring for sensitive skin are not too common.

3. For normal skin. This type of skin is characterized by a slight release of fat on the surface; the skin is elastic and elastic. It is easier to take care of normal skin. It has a healthy color and good blood circulation, even if your care is not regular. Those who have normal skin do not look old for a long time and have good skin even in adulthood.
Beauty secrets for girls with normal skin consist in washing twice a day with a mild cleanser, using a water-based tonic and moisturizer.

4. For oily skin. If abundant traces of fat are imprinted in the area of the nose, forehead and cheeks, then, most likely, your skin is oily. Oily skin is a real problem for many girls, because it is coarse, thick, covered with a layer of fat and has a greasy lustre. Characteristic are also frequent erratic bursts of increased activity of the sebaceous glands.
What can I advise girls with oily skin? To ensure that your skin retains elasticity for a long time and looks young, and with age, wrinkles did not rush to it, use special means for oily skin of the face to wash your face. You will not have special problems with this, because in the windows of cosmetic shops and salons you will find a lot of suitable products for every taste and purse.

Remember the very important beauty secrets for girls with oily skin: do not use soap, gel or body shampoo for washing, as they dry the skin and can cause irritation or acne; twice a week, cleanse the skin with an exfoliating scrub so that a dense, deadly layer of dead cells does not accumulate.

5. For combination skin. Oil prints in the region of the nose and forehead combined with subtle traces in the cheek zone indicate a combination skin type. This type of skin is typical for most women; it combines the areas of oily and dry skin, for which it is necessary to use different care products, corresponding to their type.
For the care of combination skin, there are rules. For dry areas of the facial skin, usually located in the area of the cheeks and around the eyes, special care is not required until about 30 years. Fatty areas need daily cleansing with the help of special products for oily skin. As you can see, the secrets of beauty for girls with combination skin are not so sophisticated, and they can be fully utilized.

6. For dry skin. Impressions on parchment with dry skin will not remain. When carrying out the test, you will feel a hard touch of the paper, and after its removal, it may cause focal flaking. Dry skin has its problems, with age on it earlier than on combined or oily skin, wrinkles appear.
To care for dry skin, you need to develop useful habits that will easily cope with wrinkles and aging. It is necessary to use daily means for intensive moisturizing with a hypoallergenic composition. For washing, use warm water, since hot washing can cause irritation. It is especially important to use these little beauty secrets for girls with dry skin during the winter season.

Make-up is used to make a woman beautiful and fashionable, with no signs of aging, it also helps to mask the scars, redness and pimples on the face. Finding for yourself a suitable make-up corresponding to the type of person is not so easy. We’ll have to go through a lot of formulas and trademarks, experiment with color and shades and all this in an acceptable price range. For make-up you will need to choose a base, concealed (for masking unevenness and redness), bronzer (atozagar), blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss.

7. Choosing a tonal basis. The basis for make-up can be liquid, creamy, in the form of cream powder and powder. Liquid bases are made especially for each type of skin, but a liquid foundation is not always convenient. When choosing the basis, be guided by the type of your skin. Wrong choice of the base will make your face look like a mask or a donut sprinkled with powder. The beauty secrets offered to you will help to find a good foundation for make-up, appropriate to your skin type.
8. Tonal foundation for dry skin. With dry skin, tonal bases with fat binders are used. Cream-powder or compact powder is preferable to ordinary crumbly powder. Compact powder contains a lot of fatty components; it is applied to the skin without a foundation.
9. Tonal basis for oily skin. When oily skin is recommended mineral powder, it absorbs excess fat well, giving the face a smooth, matte appearance. Friable mineral powder well hides acne and masks dark circles under the eyes. On the skin, prone to inflammation use powder or tonal basis containing salicylic acid, which dries the skin?
10. Tonal basis for combination skin. For combination skin, cream powder, friable or compact powder is preferable. They are well refreshed and moisturize the skin, easy to use and preferable to liquid tonalnik.
11. Tonal basis for sensitive skin. If the skin is irritated, it has redness and flaking, try using a moisturizing foundation. The tonal cream will even out the color of the skin and add to it a large amount of moisture. You can use mineral powder, but remember that it dries the skin. The secret of beauty for girls here is that during the day it is necessary to periodically moisturize the skin with tonic or mineral water from the nebulizer.
12. Tonal basis for normal skin. For normal skin that does not have problems with increased fat release, acne or scaling, almost any tonal remedy can be used.

Choosing the Color of the Tonal Basis

Going once again to the cosmetic store, find the samplers of tonal remedies and try them on yourself. The closest to the color of the face is the skin on the wrist, there and apply test tones, achieving the maximum coincidence. In the store, the light is not natural, but it’s for the best, most of the day you will be under artificial lighting, so the picture will be quite real. It is also important to apply a tonal foundation to clean skin. Correctly choose a tonal base will help beauty secrets for girls:

13. Skin pale, translucent (with translucent veins), prone to sunburn. For such skin, the most suitable for natural color will be pink or beige shades of foundation or powder.
14. For Asian skin type or olive shade, beige, greenish or yellow tonal remedies are recommended. Powder of peach or pink color will help to refresh pale unhealthy complexion.
15. For the skin of the European type, natural, white, gold and neutral shades are suitable. Friable powder should also have a natural neutral shade. For the European type of skin, you can recommend a translucent tonal base, loose or compact powder.
16. On dark shades of a skin it is necessary to use powder or a cream of warm tones: a banana, a mango. They well revive the dark skin; on the contrary, cold tones give it an earthy shade. If you have an average between two skin tone, beauty secrets for girls are advised to use two shades of powder. Some powders are available with a double block in the package for easy mixing.

Corrective Agents

17. If you have dark circles under the eyes concealed should be applied to the tonal basis, and to mask the pimples, you can use it and after applying a tone.
18. The masking agent is applied with special makeup brushes, but this is not necessary. You can cover the pimple and finger, it is important only to apply the remedy not to the entire area where there are acne or acne, but to each of them separately.
19. There are special antiseptic powders, which are applied for therapeutic purposes to the acne zone. Very interesting option – powder with flickering particles, it refreshes and revitalizes the skin.
Beauty Secrets for Girls – Eyebrows

Correct Design of Eyebrows

Every person is born with a vegetation above his eyes, but it is easy for him to give a beautiful, artistically designed look. When it comes to eyebrows, various means can be used to correct them, but do not overdo with waxing, shaving, or plucking. Frequent plucking is the most effective means of destroying the hair follicles of the eyebrows. The simplest way of correction is stencil, paint and brush. But not every girl has such a set. Beauty secrets for girls offer you some tips on how to make eyebrows perfect without this set. Remember several rules:

When plucking eyebrows, hold the tweezers as close as possible to the root, grasp only one hair and pull in the direction of hair growth.
If you have thin eyebrows you can use the stencil and paint them with paint and a brush. If there is no special paint, use eye shadow, the most suitable color. You can apply shadows with a soft applicator, with small strokes. There are also pencils for the eyebrows, which allow filling the space between the hairs.
Excess color tone removes the brush to comb the eyebrows, apply a little gel and give the eyebrows the final look.
If you plucked your eyebrows for the first time, you may get redness. Reducing redness can be by applying a cloth soaked in cold water, helping to close the follicle. If you plan to leave the house in the near future, be, in the end, ready to explain to your friends the cause of reddening your eyebrows.

Determine the Shape of the Eyebrows

Secrets of beauty for girls will help you and in this difficult question.

20. Take a pen, pencil, a cocktail tube – some straight object and guide it along the side of the nose. The point at which he rests – there is a point of the beginning of the eyebrows.
21. Set the object you select vertically, opposite the pupil of the eye, when you look straight ahead. This will be the highest point of the arch eyebrow.
22. Connect with the help of your object the corner of the nose and the outer corner of the eye, connecting it with the eyebrow line. At this point, the eyebrow should end.
23. If the eyes are closely planted, you should start to brow at the inner corner of the eye, make the arch a little further from the center of the pupil, and move the end of the eyebrow to the outside corner of the eye.
24. With well-planted eyes (at a distance of the width of the eye from each other), the eyebrow is recommended to start over the inner corner of the eye, make an arch over the center of the pupil, and make the end of the eyebrow over the outer corner of the eye.
25. Some girls have their eyes set wide, and this is quite normal. In this case, you should start the brow closer to the nose, move the arch slightly closer to the nose from the center of the pupil, and finish the eyebrow slightly before the outer corner of the eye.

Beautiful Nails

Perhaps you will be surprised, but often people are judged by their hands. When you meet a person for the first time – he will definitely pay attention to your hands, and this can form his opinion of you. Walking with dirty nails and not well-groomed hands is not cool at all, so beauty secrets for girls offer you ways to keep your nails clean and tidy.

26. Never bite your nails! This rule number one. The fact is that prolonged biting of the nails leads to their delamination and thinning. Nails become uneven. When aligning the nails with a nail file, always move along the nail line. Movements up and down you injure the nail, in the end it can break off.
27. Every day, move the cuticles from the nail to the skin surface so that they do not overgrow. The best time for this is when you get out of the shower and the skin is soggy.
28. When pruning your nails, keep the cutting pliers at a safe distance. Do not try to cut the nail from one push. Use several short cuts until the nail is cut completely. So you get a good nail shape.

Tips for Hair

Not every day is comfortable for your hair. Beauty secrets for girls will help to increase the number of “good” days for hair: without a hair dryer, tongs and irons. There are hairstyles that can be done in 5 minutes, but they look as if they spent an hour on them. You can give your hair a pleasant aroma, using an ordinary, rather than an expensive shampoo Natural Solutions For Hair.

29. Collect the hair in a chic pony tail with the help of straightening hair or straightening hair cream, then pull it down and secure it to the back of the head, releasing a small strand outward. With the rest of the string wrap the hairpin and secure it with a hairpin.
30. Take your favorite scented water and spatter on the hair brush, then immediately comb your hair. Your hair will smell nice all day. You can use the appropriate lotion. Grind between the palms and immediately smooth them with hair. This will give the hair a pleasant aroma and remove the electrification.

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