7 days weight loss diet plan

Thanks to a carefully thought-out nutritionist diet and lose weight by 7 days

Doctors, nutritionists of many countries are seriously concerned about the urgency of the problem of overweight, as the number of people with such manifestations is growing rapidly. Separately, experts are developing all kinds of diets for weight loss and a special contribution in this area was made by nutritionists in Sweden. They developed a short-term but very effective course of weight loss.

A distinctive feature of the Swedish weight loss system is a carefully thought-out diet (protein). The main consumed products should be eggs, fish, milk, buckwheat, fruit and, oddly enough, potatoes. It should be noted that it is his most part of existing diets categorically forbids! It is also permissible to consume chicken, however, in small quantities.

Thanks to this diet, this diet is perfectly balanced and easily portable. This means that the expected feelings of hunger can be avoided the body will not be exposed to stress. It is the stress that has been experienced during the diet that causes the rapid return of kilograms to their original place, and in tripled volume. Therefore the results of weight loss on the Swedish diet will be long-term.

Why the weight lost is returned? Because with an unbalanced diet (as, for example, with mono-diets), the body constantly needs food and once it is full it cannot get enough it starts storing every consumed product for storage, that is to process it into fat! Thus after a diet even with proper nutrition all food goes straight to the bins.

Another important advantage of the Swedish diet is the lack of the need for additional saturation of the body with vitamins and minerals. The fact is that due to the replacement of fatty (harmful) foods with protein, as well as a general ban on sweet and flour, the body cleans itself of toxins, which is especially important for the proper functioning of the body and the retention of normal body weight.

Swedish diet on the days of the week:

First day

Breakfast: buckwheat on water, 250 grams of milk.
Lunch: vegetable salad of sweet pepper, tomato, onion, 100 grams of hard cheese, a glass of milk.
Dinner: boiled beets with sour cream of minimum fat content boiled potatoes, a slice of bread.

Second day

Breakfast: buckwheat on water, 250 grams of milk.
Lunch: 150 grams of salad from fresh green vegetables, boiled potatoes – 2 medium tubers, a portion of boiled lean fish.
Dinner: a cup of milk, 2 hard boiled eggs, a salad dressing with onions and fresh cabbage, seasoned with a minimum amount of sunflower oil.

Third day

Breakfast: 60 grams of hard cheese, a piece of bread, 250 grams of milk.
Lunch: a glass of natural apple juice, a slice of fried chicken without skin and fat, 100 grams of salad from any vegetables.
Dinner: a cup of milk, 2 hard boiled eggs, a salad dressing with onions and fresh cabbage, seasoned with a minimum amount of sunflower oil.

Fourth day

Breakfast: 2 large toasts, 250 grams of apple juice.
Lunch: fruit to choose from 200 grams, a piece of lean meat, 100 grams of buckwheat porridge on the water.
Supper: a glass of milk, 100 grams of rice porridge on the water, salad from a tomato, onions with sunflower oil – 250 grams.

Fifth day

Breakfast: 100 grams of pure yogurt, a small orange.
Lunch: 100 grams of boiled potatoes, a glass of tea without sugar, a small cutlet from meat.
Dinner: a glass of apple natural juice, fruit at will, 150 grams of strawberries.

Sixth day

Breakfast: 250 grams of milk, buckwheat on the water.
Lunch: apple, orange, boiled meat without fat, boiled potatoes – 150 grams.
Supper: rice boiled – 100 grams, salad with vegetables and sunflower oil.

Seventh day

Breakfast: milk – 250 grams, 150 grams of buckwheat porridge on the water.
Lunch: orange juice – 250 grams, boiled potatoes – 100 grams, orange and apple.
Dinner: 250 grams of apple juice a piece of rye bread a meat chop a salad of vegetables.

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