Effective strategy: how to lose weight properly and permanently without harm to health

The number of people who struggle with excess weight is constantly growing. Therefore, it is not surprising that finding a diet for fast weight loss for every taste is not difficult. According to WHO, about 25% of people around the world are faced with the problem of overweight or obesity and most of them at some stage of their life experimented with newfangled diets for rapid weight loss. However, studies show that extreme weight loss is not only ineffective in the long run but also detrimental to health. In this article will tell you how to lose weight properly and keep the results for a long time.

What to avoid to lose weight properly

Extreme diets, as a rule, are characterized by a significant restriction of the number of calories that a person consumes per day for the purpose of losing weight in the shortest possible time. Of course, the results of such nutrition plans in a few weeks will be clearly visible. However, it is important to understand that in conditions of lack of nutrients the body loses not only fat muscle tissue is also depleted.

Experts explain that the first rigid diets result in loss of weight of water but after that, the body begins to draw energy not only from fat but also of muscle tissue which negatively affects the rate of metabolism. A slow metabolism eventually leads to weight gain. Therefore to lose weight properly and without harm to health with the help of such diets will not succeed.

Why it is important to lose weight correctly: the danger of severe diets for health

The study published in The Journals of Gerontology showed that limiting calories consumed leads to a reduction in energy costs. This means that a very low-calorie nutrition plan entails a slowdown in metabolism resulting in losing weight in the future becomes much more difficult or even impossible.

Moreover heavily restricting diets cause the body does not receive the necessary amount of nutrients. In other words, if you consume only 800 calories per day you run the risk of problems with nutritional deficiencies.

The negative consequences of such diets are also:

  • osteoporosis
  • depression
  • Stones in the kidneys.

To avoid such complications it is important to follow an effective strategy that helps to lose weight correctly.

What you need to do to lose weight correctly: the recommendations of specialists

First of all, it must be remembered that long-term results can only be achieved through gradual weight loss. Thus in order to lose weight properly, it is necessary to develop the habit of eating properly and following it for many years. Also, experts recommend regular exercise.

To lose weights still, have to limit the usual amount of calories consumed. This is evidenced by the results of a recent study published in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences: the most effective weight loss strategy is a reasonable reduction in the number of calories especially in combination with the use of foods and a decrease in fat in the diet.

Specialists Harvard Health Publications recommend those wishing to lose weight to properly reduce the daily number of calories by 300-500 kcal.

For example, if your usual diet is 2500 calories correct the diet in accordance with the recommendations of specialists and reduce this figure to 2200 kcal. The body will need some time to adjust to this insignificant calorie deficit after which their amount can be reduced again.

Just make sure that you do not eat less than 1200 kcal (for women) or 1500 kcal (for men) per day and your food is balanced and includes healthy fruits and vegetables.

To develop an optimal nutrition plan and the level of physical exertion based on the individual characteristics of your body a qualified nutritionist will help. Also for successful and correct weight loss, it is necessary to exclude diseases that can become a hindrance to weight loss.

To lose weight properly you need to remember: diets – no proper nutrition – yes

According to experts in order to lose weight correctly it is necessary:

  • Ensure the health of the organism (exclude the presence or cure of possible diseases);
  • Adjust the diet so that it is dominated by healthy foods (maximum fresh fruit and vegetables minimum fried foods, sugar a small amount of meat and fat)
  • To eat only quality foods;
  • To refuse from bad habits;
  • Make physical activity an integral part of everyday walking, running, exercising at home or at the gym.

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