Hops for health and beauty benefits tips

Hops are used not only in brewing. This plant has long been known in folk medicine and is widely used in beauty recipes as one of the most effective means of strengthening hair and treating skin diseases.

  • Stop hair loss.
  • For the treatment of skin diseases.
  • The fight against dandruff.

What is hops, how to prepare the cones of hops and how to use it for beauty?

In the forests and in the suburban areas you can find a curling long vine, hops, which with rough stems and leaves cling to any support and stretch upwards. It is widespread, almost everywhere in Europe and Western Siberia. The plant reaches a five-meter height and its thick shoots can entangle everything that is nearby. Do not touch it with your bare hands, the villi will scratch your skin.

The plant is dioecious, it has small male inflorescences and large, cone-like, female. Blossoms hops in the middle of summer. By September, there are fruits in which there is an embryo, twisted like a spiral. Women’s inflorescences are valued, they are used in brewing, in medicine, and as a means to strengthen hair.

The use of hops for health and beauty

In cones of hops there are essential oils that have medicinal properties and give them a strong aroma. Bitter lupulin, pollen, female inflorescences, brings a distinctive taste in beer and contains a lot of useful substances.

This plant is used by folk healers in the treatment of a variety of diseases. There are known calming and analgesic properties of hop cones, their positive effect on metabolism and metabolic processes in the body. They are used to treat inflammations, wounds, ulcers and many other diseases.
Dermatologists and cosmetologists have appreciated the therapeutic properties of fragrant cones. They use drugs based on hops:

  • Stop hair loss.
  • For the treatment of skin diseases.
  • The fight against dandruff.

Disinfecting components destroy bacteria and fungi that cause itching and irritation of the body covers.

If you use hops against hair loss, each procedure will have a complex effect.

  • Problems can arise due to diseases of the scalp, in which case the broth will cure inflammation and irritation.
  • Weak bulbs under its influence are strengthened, and the hair itself improves properties and structure.
  • Organic acids have a beneficial effect on the sebaceous glands, reduce the fat content of the hairline, and for its strengthening the plant was stored with tannic substances.

Useful hops for hair and the fact that it has components that have regenerative properties – phytoncides. If you regularly use a decoction of cones to rinse your head, elastin and collagen, which promote cell rejuvenation, will be actively produced in the Cells.

Than useful hops for hair:

There are in the cones alkaloids, hormones, acids, vitamins for nutrition and treatment of the scalp. Therefore hops against hair loss is actively used.
Wax and resin make hair shiny and smooth.
Anti-inflammatory properties of hops are useful in diseases of the scalp.
In the inflorescences there are natural pigments, which used to be used for the coloring of tissues. When treating hair, they will give them a beautiful shade.

How to collect and dry hops

In order for the drug to fully manifest its useful properties, it is necessary to carefully perform all operations at each stage of its preparation and use, starting from the process of collecting the raw materials.

Collect the hops begin in August, at a time when his buds begin to change color – from greenish to slightly yellow. It is very important to cut the raw material together with the peduncle so that the petals (scales) do not crumble. Freshly harvested cones can be used immediately for the preparation of preparations or dried for further use.

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