How to make your slim body

Every woman dreams to a slim body and beautiful figure. And still easy gait flexibility and agility and most importantly – health. All this is interconnected, but without effort is given only in youth. Then you need to work on yourself. Are there exercises that can be considered ideal for a slim figure?

There are many options for achieving the ideal state of the body. It is easy to make sure of this, it is enough just to take an interest in the methods in the fitness club or talk with a specialist in the gym. You will be offered so many sets of exercises and ways to work out certain groups of muscles that it will be difficult to evaluate and remember at least something that will be difficult the first time.

Leave doubts, regular classes are guaranteed to bring results. Muscles will be strengthened; strength and dexterity in movements will appear. But only regular, constant training. It’s not so important what their intensity and how long they last – two hours or 20 minutes. The main thing is to perform the complex every day or at least 2-3 times a week.

But what exercise gives a load to the maximum number of muscles? What is it necessary to do so that the muscles of the abdomen and back, legs, arms and neck work simultaneously? About swimming does not go, for swimming you need at least a swimming pool.

Such an exercise exists and has long been known. This is the exercise. The strap forces not only the muscles of the abdomen and the shoulder girdle, but also strengthens the muscular corset of the entire body. Surprisingly, this is a static exercise. It does not require the study of complex techniques and long training. You can do it at home on the floor or on the rug.

How to properly exercise and implement

Planck is a static exercise. There are no movements; the most important thing is to keep the body properly.

Classic elbow strap

Lie down on the floor with your stomach down. Bend your arms at the elbows by 90 degrees and go to the point of rest lying on the elbows so that the body is a straight line from the top of the head to the heel of the feet. To rely only on for arms and tips of toes. It is important that the elbows are directly under the shoulders.

When performing, it is important not to bend your hips down to the floor and do not raise the pelvis too high.

Classical strap on straight arms

Lie down on the floor. Make a stand on straight arms above the floor. Hands are strictly under the shoulders, legs at the knees do not bend. The body should make a straight line, raise the head, look ahead.

How to verify the correct execution of the exercise?

The execution technique can be checked in two ways:

  • Arrange yourself to see your reflection in the mirror or any polished surface. The quality of reflection is not important, the main thing is to see how straightened the body is.
  • During the exercise, slowly raise and lower the pelvis. The situation in which it is most difficult to stand is the most correct one. If it’s easy to stand in the exercise, then you are doing something wrong!

How much to stand in this exercise?

Start with 1 minute, increase the time by 30 seconds every two days. So gradually bring the exercise to 3 minutes. It matters not the time of execution, but the correctness of the technique. Let you stay on the exercise less in time, but properly load the muscles.

When making the exercise?

The execution time is chosen arbitrarily. After eating, especially after a hearty meal, it is better not to do this. Most people experience discomfort, performing exercises with a full stomach. Before going to sleep, active auctions are also not recommended, after them it is difficult to fall asleep.

The best time to do the exercise is about an hour after eating. An ideal option will be a small break during a long work at the computer or other types of activity, requiring a finding in one pose. Straighten, make all the muscles in the body work hard! What could be better in this situation!

What is the use of the plank exercise?

When carrying out the stand, not only the stomach is pumped, but also the muscles of the hands, back, buttocks and the front surface of the thigh. With a regular performance for at least one minute a day, there is a noticeable increase in strength and endurance.

Exercise is recommended for back pain and cervical problems, problems with the spine. After a short time, the stoop disappears, the gait becomes smooth and graceful, and coordination of movements improves. Correct posture has a beneficial effect on the work of many internal organs. Sometimes the improvement of well-being comes on its own when as a result of exercises the spine straightens, squeezing of the vessels of the heart or lungs is eliminated.

With the correct execution of the exercise, if you do the exercise accurately following the technique, you need quite a lot of energy, which is useful for losing weight.

A big plus – for this exercise, no special conditions are needed. It can be done wherever there is an even area for support: in a hotel room and for a walk in the park, in the student hostel room or at the dacha.

At home, it is also not always convenient to do gymnastics, especially if a large family and it is difficult to retire. But there is not a lot of space for the exercise and enough minutes for the exercise.

How to improve the exercise?

Ideal exercise can also be improved. When standing in the exercise is not so difficult as in the beginning, you can try to complicate the task, increase the load or use another muscle group. The most common option is the exercise on the side. Changing the position of the hands and feet, experimenting with the number of points of support it is easy to train the press, strengthen the muscles of the back, legs or hands.

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