Natural Solutions For Hair

Natural solutions for Greasy hair, Dry hair and against dandruff

Dandruff, brittle, dull, greasy … We have all been confronted with these little capillary worries, either spontaneously or continuously. And if instead of rushing to the supermarket in search of the miracle product.
It is not a question of dispensing with the expertise of a dermatologist (especially for the complex irritations of the scalp) but to try to prevent at best using recipes of grandmothers who have proved themselves since beautiful long time. In addition, using ingredients such as egg or olive oil, these treatments are much more economical.

Natural Solutions for Greasy Gair

To avoid having greasy hair, the well-known rule of hairdressers is to further space the shampoos, and to avoid exceeding the 3 shampoos per week. But be aware that the abundant secretions of your scalp can also be related to hormonal imbalances, stress and the use of an overly aggressive shampoo.

It is therefore necessary to take an interest in the composition of your shampoos and styling products to avoid those containing alcohol and the derivatives of Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate (an aggressive synthetic detergent) that will dry out the hair. Instead, choose soft organic products such as those based on sugar (coco glucoside) or amphoteric and anionic, which have softening properties and whose texture is easily eliminated (foams).

Side natural ingredients, know that the lemon has drying virtues. Rubbing your hair and especially your scalp once a week with cotton soaked in lemon juice should help you regulate the amounts of sebum secreted by your scalp. But be careful, lemon in contact with an irritated scalp can strongly sting, so do not forget to rinse thoroughly.

Other natural ingredients: green clay added to the vinegar. It is also very useful to avoid greasy hair.

Natural Solutions Against Dandruff

Whether dry or greasy, dandruff are the capillary evil of the 21st century, because often stress related. These recipes are not miracle recipes unfortunately because there are several types of dandruff, but they can limit the secretion of dander.

Mix two tablespoons of thyme in a liter of water. Bring the brew to a boil for 10 minutes. Wait until it cools and then filter to collect only the liquid. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to it. Rub your scalp with this lotion and repeat the care two to three times a week to be effective.

For those who do not have thyme at home, you certainly have sea salt! Twice a week, rub the scalp with three good pinches of sea salt diluted in a body of water before making your shampoo. To remove the dandruff the best solution is: To use aloe vera gel twice a week. It is also beneficial for grow your hair faster.’

Natural Solutions for Dry Hair

After the summer, fiery sun, sea bathing or repeated discolorations, your hair tends to become forked and dry. Nothing more normal. But to prevent this from worse, the rule number one is to permanently ban the synthetic brushes … These last pull on your hair and make them electric! Opt for wooden brushes or ecological horn combs. These brushes do not wear Keratin hair and especially: finished static electricity! In the logical sequence of things, proscribe the rubber elastics to tie your hair because they break them. Opt for wooden picks, barrettes and ribbons.

Finally, you should reduce the frequency of blow drying and use of the hair dryer and take a break in your colorations. This is the moment, since summer is almost there!

Among the recipes of grandmother who will give back the vitamins necessary to your hair and which have proved themselves, care for the olive oil before washing or with almond oil

If you are a lover of decoctions a little more elaborate prepare two yolks of eggs, olive oil and juice of half a lemon. Mix in a bowl, and then distribute the solution well on your hair and scalp. Leave on for about 30 minutes then rinse with cold water.

Egg yolk, olive oil and lemon rich in essential vitamins and nutrients will nourish your hair and give them softness and shine.

Good to know: if you are embarrassed by the smells of egg or olive oil, you can add some flavors of essential oil of orange, thyme or lavender.

The Shampoo

Contrary to what you can believe, washing your hair daily is a habit you must get rid of if you want to find beautiful hair. Repeated washing removes hair and sensitizes it even more than it already was.

In order for our hair to quickly recover from their superb, it is very important to bet on the right products. Avoid shampoos promising stuffed with sulphates , parabens and silicone and opt for targeted care. Whether it’s masks, oils or after – shampooing, the essential thing is to go for nourishing or repairing care. Use natural shampoo for healthy hair.

How to Wash Hair

Start by thoroughly wetting the hair by leaving them a good time under the spray. Then take a little shampoo in the palm of your hand and apply it on your hair. The scalp should not be rubbed too much, but rather gently massaged. So that the active ingredients of the shampoo have time to take effect, the ideal is to let it rest for a few moments. Then emulsify with a little water and resume the massage. It is useless to make two shampoos – especially if you wash them very frequently. This unnecessarily sensitizes the scalp.

Once the shampoo is finished, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly. Rinsing is almost more important than washing. If residues of shampoo remain in the hair, dandruff and itching will be guaranteed. How do you know if they are rinsed properly? They must squeal under their fingers. The most courageous will end with a jet of fresh water (excellent for the scalp and to make shine hair).

Let hair dry in the most natural way possible and avoid hairdryers. If you live in a big city, it is best to take out the hair very dry. In fact, dust clings more easily onto damp hair.

Brushes and combs are not recommended for styling, provided they are used with delicacy.

Finally, it is important to treat her hair according to its nature. Because in the same way as the skin, there are dry hair and greasy hair . These problems are often accompanied by others such as excessive fragility, dandruff or seasonal falls that must be treated to find beautiful hair.

Do Not Do: Color Hair

Forked hair, color dull and motley? The sequelae of our many sunbathing and the desire for change for the re-entry often force us to make an appointment with the hairdresser to homogenize the whole. If we imagine that our hair will be reborn after being passed in the hands of our favorite colourist we are completely wrong! Coloring hair that is already fragile is the best way to make them more aware.

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