Secrets Tips for Beauty and Skin Care

Every woman wants to look beautiful and well-groomed, especially in the summer. From this article you will learn effective and low-budget popular recipes that will help you look even more attractive. In this article we decided to collect the most interesting beauty recipes, which we use ourselves and are very pleased with the results.

Tips for Beauty

  1. An ordinary spoon will help to avoid such unloved traces from the carcass under the eyes. Just keep the spoon under the lower eyelid when applying mascara.
  2. The best remedy for swollen eyes: take raw peeled potatoes, cut in half and put on your eyes for 10 minutes.
  3. When the next time you need to make a face mask, but there will be no time or desire to run to the store, try a kefir mask. For its preparation you will need two tablespoons of kefir, one tablespoon of honey and egg white. All the ingredients must be mixed to a homogeneous mass and applied to the Beauty care of the face for 18-20 minutes. Then you should wash your face with cold water. Kefir mask has a cleansing, protective and soothing effect and is a wonderful analogue to the most expensive means for facial beauty care.
  4. Coffee grounds can help you get rid of cellulite. Use it instead of body scrub and soon notice that your problem areas look much better.
  5. You can achieve lightening hair without using expensive and, in many cases, harmful means for coloring your hair. To do this, use a simple decoction of chamomile. You can rinse them hair or wet them along the entire length to achieve a lighter shade.
  6. Cold water will help you dry the nail polish. Collect cold water in a small bowl, add a few ice cubes and hold the nails in this cool solution for about two minutes. It is important to ensure that the water covers only your nails, and not the palms of the whole.
  7. In summer, it can be very difficult for us to get rid of excessive sweating. This ailment also has a good remedy: take a bath with mint. Mint can also be combined with sage, chamomile and walnut leaves.
  8. Another trouble that happens to us mainly in the summer is calluses. We all bought new shoes that left us “greetings” in the form of these painful skin troubles. In order to reduce friction and, therefore, reduce pain, lubricate the beauty care with petroleum jelly.
  9. Many of us like to use varnish with sparkles. However, the process of removing such varnish from the nails is very unpleasant. To remove the varnish with sparkles without unnecessary inconvenience, moisten the cotton pad with a nail polish remover and attach it to the nail. Then take a piece of foil and fasten it over the wadded disk. After 3-4 minutes, this “design” can be removed. The varnish from your nails will be cleaned completely. Fish oil, which we all did not like in childhood, is a good way to fight with split ends. Lubricate the fish tips with fish oil 10 minutes before you are ready to wash your hair.
  10. For face: Natural apple cider vinegar has a curative effect and contains a large number of amino acids (apple, citric, lactic, oxalic and others), vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, E), trace elements (potassium, copper, silicon, magnesium, calcium and iron). It has a rejuvenating, soothing, antibacterial, cleansing effect smooth the skin tone, eliminating pigment spots, scars after acne. Apple cider vinegar is an excellent anti-inflammatory drug, and therefore it is more often recommended for problem and oily skin. It is enough to apply a small amount of product on a cotton pad and wipe the face.
  11. Vegetable oil: Cleansing the face with folk remedies is not a bad idea. Folk remedies are always at hand, you can always turn to them. For example, always at hand there is a vegetable oil. It is especially recommended to use in the cold season. For cosmetic purposes, it is best to use olive oil. The easiest advice is how to cleanse the skin with oil – 2 teaspoons. Warm up the oils (preferably in a water bath), dab a cotton pad in this oil and wipe your face, including the eyebrows, lips and neck. Surplus is removed with a napkin, and the skin can be wiped with salted water or a weak infusion of tea. This convenient facial cleansing with folk remedies will also help to remove makeup. The milk rivers are very useful. In this product, a large number of nutrients, favorably acting on the skin. For example, lactic acid and milk sugar are well moisturized. Proteins and milk fats help to increase elasticity and milk protein regulates the water balance of the skin. In addition, milk renews the cells of the epider If you have dry skin, feel free to wash with milk. It will not only moisturize it, but will also soothe it. First, wipe the face with cotton wool soaked in whole milk, and then in diluted water (1:1). After cleansing, a cream is applied.
  12. Bread scrub and masks: To cleanse the face of black point’s bran – any: rice, wheat, oat. They need to pass through a meat grinder (1 glass), add a little warm water to them. Faces wet with warm water, gradually apply soaked flakes and gently rub into the skin of the face, avoiding the zone around the eyes and lips. We wash off everything with cool water. The skin after this procedure will become velvety and soft. Purification of the skin with crumb of bread is carried out in exactly the same way. Cleansing mask with cornmeal and egg whites. 2 tbsp. corn flour mixed with egg white, the resulting gruel to apply on the face for 20 minutes, rinse with water at room temperature, and the area of accumulation of black dots wipe with a cotton disc dipped in lemon juice. Cleansing mask with egg yolk and lemon To egg yolk 1 egg alternately add 2 tablespoons olive oil and lemon juice. Half of the received mass is cleared face – you must first moisten the cotton wool with warm water, and then lower it into the mixture and quickly wipe the face.
  13. Decoctions and Honey lotion: For the decoction for cleansing the face, often the decoctions of the following herbs: mint, plantain, sage, chamomile. 2 tbsp. crushed plants pour half a cup of boiling water; let it brew for 40 minutes. Add the potato starch to the resulting liquid to make a gruel. Apply a lot of cotton swab, lightly massaging the skin, then rinse with warm water. It is useful to wipe the skin with a decoction after washing and during the hot season. Honey lotion cleans and softens the skin. For cooking we take 1ch.l. honey and the same amount of glycerin, 1 tbsp. vodka, 2-3 grams of borax and 1/7 cup of water. Honey and glycerin are mixed, then add water with brown dissolved in it and, lastly, vodka. You can just dilute 1 tbsp. honey in 2 glasses of warm water. This solution is wiped face.
  14. The strongest natural antioxidant is ascorbic acid Funny paradox: the air at the same time gives us life and … causes aging of our skin! It turns out that active forms of oxygen, called free radicals, are capable of damaging cell DNA, despite the fact that it is simply necessary for many biochemical processes. Shield against free radicals are antioxidants, such as various plant components – red algae, polyphones of grapes and vitamin C. Initially, ascorbic acid helped to fight scurvy and polyneuritis, and later it was called vitamin C. Antioxidant ascorbic acid is because it is an active reducing agent that has the ability to easily oxidize and thereby eliminate free radicals – “quench matches”. Also vitamin C activates the synthesis of skin collagen. The drugs, which include this powerful antioxidant, are quite expensive, because its stable formula is difficult to produce, but such drugs are rightly recognized as one of the strongest and most effective in the fight for youthful skin.

Skin Care

Determine the type of skin. For proper skin care, you need to know exactly your type. The following skin types are distinguished: normal, oily, dry, combined. With any of the types of skin can be sensitive. Secrets of beauty for girls will help you determine your type, the easiest way to do it in the morning after a dream. You can use special test strips, parchment paper or a thin paper towel. Apply the napkin to your face and press your hands against the skin. Then remove the napkin and carefully consider the remaining traces on it.
A large amount of fat on this surface speaks of oily skin. The abundance of fat in the forehead, nose and chin area and a small amount in the rest of the zone is about the combined type. A small amount of fat on the surface – the skin is normal and almost complete absence – dry.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is characterized by periodic focal reddening and flaking. In these places, itching or tingling can be felt. If you often have such irritations, then, most likely, you have sensitive skin. Secrets of beauty for girls with sensitive skin recommend not to use scrubs with hard particles, alpha hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids. To clean the skin, you can apply a soft cleansing gel or cosmetic cream. After washing, apply a soothing cream for sensitive skin. Well soothe the skin compresses from the decoction of chamomile. Unfortunately, special means for caring for sensitive skin are not too common.

Normal Skin

This type of skin is characterized by a slight release of fat on the surface, the skin is elastic. It is easier to take care of normal skin. It has a healthy color and good blood circulation, even if your care is not regular. Those who have normal skin, do not look old for a long time and have good skin even in adulthood.

Beauty secrets

Beauty secrets for girls with normal skin consist in washing twice a day with a mild cleanser, using a water-based tonic and moisturizer.

Oily skin

If abundant traces of fat are imprinted in the area of the nose, forehead and cheeks, then, most likely, your skin is oily. Oily skin is a real problem for many girls, because it is coarse, thick, covered with a layer of fat and has a greasy luster. Characteristic are also frequent erratic bursts of increased activity of the sebaceous glands.What can I advise girls with oily skin? To ensure that your skin retains elasticity for a long time and looks young, and with age, wrinkles did not rush to it, use special means for oily skin of the face to wash your face. You will not have special problems with this, because in the windows of cosmetic shops and salons you will find a lot of suitable products for every taste and purse.

Remember do not use

Remember the very important beauty secrets for girls with oily skin: do not use soap, gel or body shampoo for washing, as they dry the skin and can cause irritation or acne; twice a week, cleanse the skin with an exfoliating scrub so that a dense, deadly layer of dead cells does not accumulate.

Combination Skin

Oil prints in the region of the nose and forehead combined with subtle traces in the cheek zone indicate a combination skin type. This type of skin is typical for most women, it combines the areas of oily and dry skin, for which it is necessary to use different care products, corresponding to their type.For the care of combination skin, there are rules. For dry areas of the facial skin, usually located in the area of the cheeks and around the eyes, special care is not required until about 30 years. Fatty areas need daily cleansing with the help of special products for oily skin.

Dry Skin

Impressions on parchment with dry skin will not remain. When carrying out the test, you will feel a hard touch of the paper, and after its removal, it may cause focal flaking. Dry skin has its problems, with age on it earlier than on combined or oily skin, wrinkles appear.To care for dry skin, you need to develop useful habits that will easily cope with wrinkles and aging. It is necessary to use daily means for intensive moisturizing with a hypoallergenic composition. For washing, use warm water, since hot washing can cause irritation. It is especially important to use these little beauty secrets for girls with dry skin during the winter season.

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