Vegetable diets: delicious and simple

Vegetables and fruits which are enough in the summer not only help you saturate the body with vitamins but also help lose weight. And vegetable diets are not only simple but also delicious. Therefore choose a diet to taste and lose weight easily.

Pay attention: to ensure that the diet has brought benefits not harm. Do not forget about proteins. Acceptable: lean fish and poultry boiled or steamed.

Under the ban – flour, sweet, fatty, fried, fast food, carbonated drinks. This requirement is relevant for all diets.

Diet diet

For a week you can lose weight from 2.5 to 4 kg. The essence of the diet: the basis of the diet – dietary dishes from courgette.

The basic rules of zucchini diet:

  1. Use zucchini dark green color.
  2. For cooking zucchini dishes should not be peeled since it contains the majority of useful substances, vitamins and trace elements.
  3. During the zucchini diet the diet can be diluted with fruits and vegetables that go well with zucchini. For example, cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh peppers, peaches, apples.

Example menu:

Breakfast: 250 grams of stewed zucchini 150 grams of other vegetables or fruits a glass of green or herbal tea or mineral water without gas.

The second breakfast: one apple or a glass of fresh – pear, orange, kiwi or pineapple.

Lunch: 300 g of baked zucchini a piece of boiled poultry or baked fish a small portion of fruit.

Snack: 250 grams of baked zucchini 150 grams of fresh cabbage-carrot or cucumber salad a glass of mineral water without gas.

Dinner: fruit fresh a small portion of fruit or a small portion of courgettes cooked to your taste.

Tomato Diet

You can try two week and lose your weight 3 kg to 5kg.

At the heart of the diet are fresh tomatoes. Auxiliary dishes for example, fish or poultry are cooked without salt and spices.

Example menu:

Breakfast: a glass of tomato fresh, 2 slices of rye bread with a thin layer of low-fat cheese.

Second breakfast: 2 fresh tomatoes or a small portion of fruit.

Lunch: a glass of tomato fresh, a salad of fresh tomatoes, seasoned with butter, a portion of boiled rice or a piece of baked fish.

Afternoon snack: salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers or 2 small tomatoes.

Dinner: a glass of tomato fresh, a salad of fresh tomatoes and greens, a piece of boiled bird or a small portion of boiled rice. For dessert – a little fruit.

Before sleeping time:  a cup of chamomile tea without sugar.

Cucumber diet

For a week on this diet, you can get rid of 4-5 kg. In addition, the diet helps to regulate the intestines, normalize metabolism and cleanse the skin.

The essence of the diet: for a day to eat from 1 to 2 kg of fresh cucumbers, usually for 5-6 receptions.

Example menu:

Breakfast: two cucumbers, a slice of bread with bran.

Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled in water, seasoned with butter, two or three cucumbers.

Afternoon snack: an apple or an orange.

Dinner: salad of cucumbers and greens, seasoned with oil. If you really want to eat, then shortly before sleep, you can eat 1-2 cucumbers.

Cabbage Diet

For a week a cabbage diet can lose from 3 to 4 kg. This is a basis of the diet – salads from fresh cabbage as well as braised, boiled and sauerkraut. Without harm to health on a cabbage diet you can sit no more than 10 days. If there are problems with the intestines fresh cabbage should be replaced with boiled. And remember there are many different types of cabbage so cabbage diet can be very diverse.

Example menu:

Breakfast: green tea or a glass of mineral water, cabbage soup on the water with the addition of vegetable oil, a slice of bread with bran.

The second breakfast: salad from fresh cabbage.

Lunch: salad of fresh cabbage and carrots, seasoned with vegetable oil.

Snack: a little fresh fruit.

Dinner: salad with fresh cabbage or boiled cabbage 1-2 apples, herbal tea.

Before sleeping time:  a cup of herbal tea.

Carrot Diet

For five days you can lose about 4 kg. The essence of the diet: in the diet as much as possible carrots, and fresh, and various dietary dishes from it.

Breakfast: chamomile tea or a glass of still mineral water, a salad of fresh carrots and apples.

The second breakfast: 1-2 fresh carrots or a glass of carrot fresh.

Lunch: salad of fresh carrots, dressed with olive oil, a piece of baked sea fish, 1-2 fresh apples.

Afternoon snack: a glass of carrot fresh, fresh fruit (except bananas and grapes).

Dinner: a salad of fresh carrots, boiled carrots, seasoned with butter, with mushrooms or pieces of boiled bird, a cup of chamomile tea.

Before going to sleep:  herbal tea.

Vegetable diets for a two week. Vegetables despite their undoubted benefits, contain very few proteins, so do not neglect protein foods. If the vegetable diet lasts more than two weeks, the body can get used to it, and when you want to return to full nutrition, there is a risk of problems with digestion in the form of swelling, constipation, pain in the stomach and liver.

It is necessary to leave the vegetable diet carefully. First enter the porridge in the diet after – cheese and sour-milk products and only then go to the meat.

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