Yoga for Weight Loss: 15 Minutes a Day for a Slim Body

Despite the apparent simplicity this complex is very effective in combating obesity. In addition it will help you not only weight loss but also pull up your body.

You want to weight loss but have not done physical exercises for a long time? Your body has become unaccustomed to the stresses and fast pace of training? Then try an easier exercise program: 15 minutes a day yoga exercises will shake your body and help get rid of extra pounds.

This complex is best performed in the morning 15 minutes before breakfast as  it uses all muscle groups and will charge your body with energy for the whole day!

Yoga for weight loss allows you to remove fat from the problem areas – on the stomach and sides. In this case, the mobility of the joints improves the muscles acquire a pronounced relief, and the body itself becomes more dexterous and flexible. If the focus is on stretching muscle mass will grow much more slowly.

The complex is recommended to do 6 times a week. Given one weekend. It is advisable to have a good night’s sleep, rest and drink a day’s water.

Yoga for weight loss: a Set of Exercises

Torsion Positions Yoga

The usual session of yoga always begins with 5 – 10 minutes of warm up exercises followed by several sitting poses.

According to experts, such asanas such as Bharadvajasana or twists in the pose of the Sage and Ardha Matsiendrasan or half the pose of the King of Pisces help to stimulate digestion and purify such important internal organs as the liver and kidneys. A well-functioning intestinal tract is of considerable importance, both for successful weight reduction and for maintaining the general state of human health.

Standing Poses Yoga

Performing standing poses requires balance and strength, and helps you build strong body muscles.

Such asanas, like the chair posture, the Eagle, the Tree, the Warrior, the Crescent and the Triangle, can be safely incorporated into your weight loss program. The position of the Chair helps to strengthen the hips, calves and spine. The Pose of the Warrior is designed to stretch the muscles of the shoulder, upper back and abdomen. Crescent and Triangle postures allow you to work on the muscles of the legs and spine, and also improve

Inverted Poses Yoga for Weight Loss

The following positions are used to stimulate the abdominal and thyroid organs, and also to relieve tension and pain in the back.

Your program must necessarily include a stand on the shoulders and a Plow posture, each of which must be held for one minute with a little rest between them.

In addition, it is worth balancing their influence with positions with a soft curve of the back, for example, the poses of Pisces or Bridge.

Slopes Forward

The following asanas are performed in both a sitting and standing position and include: Adho Mukha Shvanasana or the Pose of the Dog looking downward, Uttanasana or leaning forward from the standing position, Upavistha Konasana or leaning forward from the sitting position with widely spaced legs and Prazarita Padottanasana or leaning forward standing position with wide divorced legs.

These poses have a number of advantages, including by stretching the hamstring, calves and thighs, strengthening the muscles of the legs, improving digestion and relieving stress and stress.

Pose of Relaxation

Each session of yoga for weight loss should end with 5 – 10 minutes of relaxation.

Meditation and relaxation poses help relieve tension and stress, which certainly contributes to rapid weight loss. To such it is necessary to carry a pose of Shavasan or a pose of relaxation and Balasan or the Pose of the Child.

It is also recommended to spend up to 30 minutes daily in a meditation session to calm the mind and relax your whole body.

In addition improper performance of exercises not only does not bring benefits, but can even harm the health.

And to home training yoga for weight loss can begin already after under the guidance of the coach mastered the basic asanas. Good luck to you!

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