Yoga: Tips for the Beginner

Yoga tips experienced

For those who have recently started yoga or are just about to start, I want to give a few tips experienced. I have been practicing for six years and starting my yoga every day. I advise you not as a teacher, but as a practitioner.

crow pose in yoga: image

1. Watch what you eat

It is impossible to concentrate on yoga, if in the belly ceaselessly growls. Therefore, before training, avoid foods that cause flatulence. All legumes, cabbage, radish, radish, turnips, onions, artichokes, mushrooms, all kinds of porridge except rice, whole grains, bread, grapes, pears, apples, peaches, dairy products, ice cream and soda should be excluded from your diet in Day of yoga.

2. Forget about competition

Yoga is not about competition. Here no one is interested, faster you are, higher or stronger. How much you stand or how well bend. Yoga is primarily for yourself and for the soul. Do not do what brings you discomfort and pain, even if other participants on the adjacent rugs bend and unbend like acrobats. Listen to your body, do not drive yourself, and start small. Do not forget about rest and try to be completely calm and relaxed in class.

3. Turn off the phone

In an hour of training, something critical is unlikely to happen, but a sharp call or even a monotonous vibration will irritate other participants. Or even cause a trauma if someone’s balance is disturbed by the faint sound.

4. Meditation & dancing

I often practice under Justin Timberlake or Depeche Mode, and instead of meditation I sometimes dance.

5. Physical activity

I like to run and jump. After a good physical activity, the mood improves, it’s better to invent and smiles more easily. And i daily practice of yoga.

6. Breath

Breathing in yoga is easier than most people think. The basis is simply a deep breath and an exhalation through the nose. Do not be afraid to make a mistake try and listen to yourself.

7. Sweating is an important function

Do not hesitate to sweat. To sweat is healthy and useful.

8. Regularity

Work at home. Even 10 or 5 minutes

9. Does yoga help you lose weight?

If your goal is to lose weight and if you asked yourself a question how does yoga help you lose weight?, it will happen faster if you add fast walking, jogging, swimming or other cardio to yoga. Сardio & yoga – weight loss voucher.

10. Сlosing eyes

Close your eyes often, stopping in postures. You’ll like it.

With this book, you will fall asleep within ten minutes: Yoga Nidra for Sleep – Guided Meditation to Fall Asleep Fast

11. A change of scenery

In order not to get bored, bring new things into practice. Every time I make my own complex, changing the mood and situation of its duration and intensity. I read, watch new videos and sometimes.

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